Education Should Delay The School Starting Time Essay

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Sleep is crucial for all human beings, especially children such as teenagers because their body is still developing. If they are sleep deprived, then it will negatively impact their future on many aspects. Whether students will be happy at home, do well in school, or not get sick as often, it all depends on the amount of sleep they get. The Somer 's Board of Education should delay the school starting time by at least one to two hours in order to ensure that students will have a good family life, better performance in school, and be healthier.
Delaying the school 's starting time will allow students to have more interaction time with their family because their schedules will be more coordinated to their parents. The academic file states, "For other families, the change in school starting time meant that the family schedule was now more in synch. Parents and children in these families reported having more quality time together." (6) This means that if schools start later, then the schedule of the different people in the family can be more correlated. For example, they can prepare for the day together in the morning, eat meals together, and do family activities after everyone comes home after a long day because they will most likely arrive around the same time. The article also says, "Parents whose children attended school starting later reported fewer behavioral concerns and an improved attitude toward school." (6) In other words, kids who goes to school later will have less…

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