Education, Mental Health And Personality Traits Essay

899 Words Nov 6th, 2014 4 Pages
As time goes on, more and more people start to care the importance of the adolescence affect the teenagers’ life. Parents as the agent of socialization, it has a huge relationship with adolescence that because teenagers spend more time with their parents than others since they were born. Therefore, a child’s social status and treatment from their parents can affect several aspects which is education, mental health and personality traits. As people know, these elements have a great impact for the teenagers that can lead them to have a better life or not. According to the research, the social status of the parents, the parental divorce, rejection, violence, personality affects and encouragement are directly influencing their children. First of all, the social status of family plays an initial role at this point which is each level of social classes can offer different qualities of life to the teenagers. As people know, the parents from upper-class have more wealth than the lower-class and middle-class that means they can offer higher quality things for their children, for example, nutrition and education. According to the book called Unequal Childhoods: Class, Race and Family Life, the author gives two examples about the quality of education that children got is different from the level of social structure. There are two schools are describes in the article which are Lower Richmond School and Swan school. Both of two school are fine for the children, but the first one is…

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