Education Is The Most Powerful Weapon Essay

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Education makes a difference
Education makes the biggest impact to a person and to the world itself. One 's education could probably be the most important decision in his or her life. One can safely assume that someone is not in the proper position until they are educated. as said by Welson Mandela, “ Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Some people take this quote as the inspiration and take it to the highest level. Others only focus on finishing the minimum amount which is any or just completing high school. Others think completely different and take it to another level in college. However, college and high school are completely different. “High School is an education that does not require as much studying like when you are in a college student.” ( By being educated there is a lot more advantages than not having an education.
The history of education is very extensive and rich in many different ways. Before education became what it is now, everything people did was done orally. The reason why citizens would only speak was because they did not know how to read and write. It all started with the invention of writing. The ones who began education were the Ancient Greeks. They began with the writing systems by creating pictorial elements. With the invention of writing, they came along with introducing the alphabets, paper, and the writing word education.As the time passed by the skills of writing became really…

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