Essay about Education Is Not Preparation For Life

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I begin this teaching philosophy by outlining the keys to success as an educator to produce future generations of young learners that are educated and confident members of society. All students are capable of learning and when they are given the proper tools and receive differentiated instruction pertinent to their individual needs, they will thrive and learn. Teachers have to lead by example and implement scaffolding in their lessons so that students can grow confidence in their abilities. Educators must also be patient, neutral, and supportive of students. In order to effectively teach a classroom, a teacher needs to be able to teach in diverse methods. I am a strong supporter of teaching the same lesson using different methods in order to make the concept more concrete. Society as we know it could not exist without effective educators and an organized education system. To quote the great John Dewey, “Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself,” (John Dewey Quotes, 2016). Education is the key to success for every individual and for society as a whole. The education process encompasses both learning and teaching skills that work together in order to form a positive learning climate for all students. With the cooperation of administrators, teachers, students, and parents, educating young students will be a successful and rewarding experience for everyone. I believe that having an education is vital so that children can grow up and lead meaningful…

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