Education Is Better Than A Foreign One? Essay

1808 Words Apr 24th, 2016 8 Pages
For decades now people have been saying that the U.S. education isn’t good enough; it is continuing to fall lower and lower, but who is blaming the education system, the government, to take away from the “bigger picture”. American government needs to stop blaming one group of people, and hold everyone in America at fault for what is happening in the global market; it unmotivates the people by blaming the workers it makes them want to work less, the same goes for students if a teacher fails to hold students accountable for their individual performance then they are most likely to just give up. Also business is starting to lack of in the workplace, government runned businesses are saying that management is doing good but aren’t competitive because government constraints won’t let them. For education the government spends a lot more money on it than foreign countries, but does that necessarily mean that American education is better than a foreign one? So why blame the education, why don’t the people in America take a step back and realize that the American education system isn’t at fault.
First reason to why the U.S. is failing and gradually falling in the global economy; motivation, is beginning to lack because workers are being put down by the government, and who else will follow those footsteps, students. Economist, author and researcher, Michael E. Porter claims, “If government and business leaders react only to the downturn and fail to confront America’s deeper…

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