Education Is An Important Part Of Our Education System Essay

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Education is a big experience that helps us develop into mature adults as we get older. It 's constantly being changed in order to determine what is the easiest and most efficient way to teach kids until they mature into adults. it can be safely assumed that everyone 's education contains its great moments and bad and forgetful moments and my experience was no exception. People have been discussing the problems with education for decades as of now and we still see writers discussing it today in order to find ways to improve it. People like Rabindranath Tagore and Richard Feynman bring in their personal experiences about education which show some of the more flawed components of our education system. Tagore claims that nature is a better teacher than the school system we have now and Feynman states that there is more to learning than memorizing every bit of information thrown at you. Education is an important part of our lives but without variety, it 's difficult to firmly grasp what you learn as Feynman and Tagore have shown through their personal experiences. I will admit, I barely remember how I was taught in early elementary school, but everything did make sense. Middle school is where challenges and interesting experiences in school began to shine for me due to my really strict teachers. In seventh and eighth grade, I had a harsh teacher who would never let up on work. Fortunately, as long as you did your work and followed her instructions, she would respect you as a…

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