Education Is A Self Driven Commitment Essay example

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According to the 2015 Gallup-Purdue study, fifty percent of college alumni “strongly agree” that their education was worth the cost (Gallup, Inc.). Those 15,000 graduates out of the 30,000 representative sample seized and maximized opportunities. In contrast to earlier schooling, college level education becomes a self-driven commitment. The skills needed to get through college successfully can be classified into three categories: financial skills, social skills, and organizational skills. First are the skills involving the handling of money—taking in to consideration tuition, textbook, housing, food, and transportation costs. Another category deals with people interactions that offer the college student support and guidance. To a student’s advantage, college campuses promote community through their on-site activities, organizations, and sporting events. Other than interpersonal skills, intrapersonal skills are of significance as well. College students encounter new independence, lacking the extent of parental accountability prior to their adulthood. Thus, the third category incorporates self-discipline and personal ownership. Understanding and applying these three categories can help students manage college expenses, form campus relationships, and balance various responsibilities. Generating income, budgeting, spending, and saving are components of the first category--financial skills. In order to generate an income, a college student needs a job. College students should…

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