Education Is A Powerful Tool For Women 's Empowerment Essay

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• Education is a powerful tool for women’s empowerment
• A host of structural, social, and financial barriers prevent girls’ enrollment and completion of schooling
• Over past two decades uneven progress has been made toward gender equality in global education goals o 161 countries- 60 percent have achieved gender equality in primary school level, but only 38 percent have done so at the secondary level o In low income countries, only 20 percent have reached gender equality at primary school level and only 10 percent at the secondary level o Predicted to take 63 years longer for the poorest countries to achieve gender equality at secondary level
• Social norms against women’s education o On average one in four men and women believe that it is morally wrong for a women to delay marriage to get an education o 128 countries around the world have at least one law that is discriminatory against women, 56 countries have more than 5 laws against women, and 28 countries have more than 10
• Across all developing countries, one out of three girls is married before her 18th birthday
• Among 111 countries the prevalence of child marriage ranged from 2 percent in Algeria to 75 percent in Bangladesh
• India accounts for one-third of the world’s child brides
• Current laws against child marriage are not effective due to lack of enforcement
• Child marriage limits women’s health, decision-making, labor force participation, and limits ability to complete school
Girls’ Agency
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