Essay Education Is A Major Factor For Kids

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Having an education is something that has become a big deal in the world today. Schooling is a major factor for kids starting in kindergarten all the way to a senior in college, schooling is something that helps a child develop in life. This gives a good source for a job in ones future. A man by the name Mike Rose was a guy that wanted to be, “Just average”. An average person in the world of education. He had the smarts that nobody could see, an Italian boy in school where even physical education was harsh. Today, it seems as though education and education flaws have gotten worse in society.
Test taking is one educational flaw today. Taking a test now seems to always be multiple choice. There is no thinking to a multiple choice test, a student can eliminate answers, or just guess and circle one. Being able to guess at an answer is not a way of learning. Although, there are students that study for tests, multiple choice gives the ones that do not study a way out. A good way to help someone learn is to ask the question and make them write an answer, an answer they have to think about and not guess and just circle one. Some schools or colleges have test taking classes, this is a class to help a student understand how to take a test, a multiple choice test. Why should there be a class to help someone to take a test when they should have been in the class learning the material already and understanding the answers instead of having to guess?
A second flaw in our education…

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