Education Is A Huge Part Of My Life Essay examples

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Education is a huge part of my life. Education has taught me many things from my basic education to being able to drive. Going to school and learning may be a hassle throughout the year because of waking up early but learning has it’s perks at the end. Career skills made a big impact on me because it has taught me how to get a job. My social life is really big to me. Family sociability comes first always because you will have them throughout your life, but your friends may leave over time. I think face-to-face friendships are the best, because you can communicate with them better and show how you’re actually feeling instead of talking through a monotone text. Ethnicity does not have an impact on how i see people. If you are a lighter skin or darker skin, if you speak a different language, or look different, they are all the same to me.

Education takes part in a big role in my life. I put pride in certain parts of my work, most places than others. I put a lot of pride into my papers, my tests, quizzes, and projects. The reason i feel this way is because these will follow you for the rest of your life unlike the homework that will more than likely get thrown away later in your life. I plan on growing my academic pursuit by going into a military college to learn pilotry. This school year my academic goals is no c’s in any quarter and i am pursuing to be on the honor’s role for all four of the quarters this year. My family helps me a lot in my education, without them i…

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