Nine Years Of Education Essay

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The graph displays the correlation between years of schooling and probability of reemployment, and that people with nine years of education has about a fifty percent chance of reemployment. Suelem began to work at the age of seven, so her years of schooling would be significantly lower than nine. This, according to the graph, gives her a less than a fifty percent possibility of finding another job. Suelem has a low income job, and a small chance of finding another job with higher wages, causing her to lose hope of finding a job because of how difficult it will be. After she loses hope she will be stuck living in poverty and unable to reach her full potential.
As Suelem grows up in poverty, this forces her to take on more responsibility than a young person should at her age. Without noticing, Suelem shows the audience that she is more mature than the average teen her age. When she is standing outside her house, Suelem says “Rent is US$8 per week. If you are late and pay on Monday it’s
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Suelem was born into poverty; she was faced with growing up quickly, which caused her to lack an education. She also struggled with her emotions because of witnessing domestic violence in her home. It is because of those obstacles in her childhood that she was unable to become successful, and ends up being stuck in poverty. Since Suelem is unable to come out of poverty she is putting her children’s future in jeopardy. This results in a circle of behavior because, like her they were also born in poverty, and will need to overcome a great deal of struggles to reach their goals and live outside of poverty. Like Suelem her children may become stuck inside the impoverish world in which they are being raised. They may never truly succeed and reach their goals because it is very difficult for people like Suelem and her family to overcome their upbringing, poverty and lack of

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