My First Hours Of Grade School

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Welcome to the train of education the track only goes forward and it is endless. I have never got excited about education, but I have always taken it seriously. Which is what everyone should do to go far in life. Education may not seem like it is very important, but if I want to lead a successful life it is suggested I get one. The more hours I put in learning the better off I will be. According to the definition of education is the act or process of imparting or acquiring particular knowledge or skills, as for a profession (“Education”). Basically the education I receive will help with getting jobs for the occupation I choose. Education has been important to my life from my first days of grade school, and will continue to be …show more content…
It was the building where everyone is first introduced to reading, writing, and arithmetic. It is where parents send their children for hours a day so they can get them out of their hair. Early in grade school we were taught to read. I love reading, but I cannot stand being told what I have to read. Unfortunately for me and many other people we did not have a choice in what we got to read. We all know the boring books we were forced to read that were about as exciting as a doctor’s office waiting room. I despise the reading material I was required to learn but I struggled through. Grade school made me hate reading for years. The only material I was exposed to was so boring it put me to sleep. Parents of a kid that will not go to sleep worry no more. Break out one of those old books from school and they will be out like a light within minutes. Those books might have sounded like a lullaby to me but I still got through them. No matter how unbearably dull they were I still read them until I understood every last bit. I was committed to my grades enough to sit down and read a three-hundred page book that I could care less about. All because even at a young age I knew I should value

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