Education Gap Is A Real Problem For Many Minority Students Essay

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Education Gap
In the United States, education gap is a real problem for many minority students. We live in a multicultural society with various ideas about what success means and not every child is encouraged to pursue higher education, some students have a cultural mentality that varies from the rest. Education can easily become overwhelming for foreigners because of the diverse cultures, different ethnicities, and languages. Language is a barrier to some students who do not even know English and despite this, they are placed in classrooms with the rest of the students. Additionally, children struggle with school because they cannot understand what the teacher is saying, they also lack social interaction with peers. That certainly is not a unique case, Patricia Gandara, research professor, discusses in her article “Meeting Students Where They Are: The Latino Education Crisis”, how students suffer and fail academically because they have low income, lack of English and family’s education among others. Although several people think that these programs are enough for students, others think that in order to narrow the education gap more programs and more help should be provided to students. In my opinion, Dual-Language and Two-Way Immersion Program, Academic Boot Camps, and Project GRAD propose valid solutions that would have a great impact on closing the achievement gap.

The first solution to narrowing the achievement gap is a Dual-Language and Two-Way Immersion Program; this…

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