Essay Education Between Oman And America

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Education in Oman is different than in America Why do people want to educate themselves? Education is an important factor in our life. We should have it because it produces literate people. No one is living in this world doesn’t know how to read or write. Today, the world has changed during the time especially in education. In the Middle East, the education is totally different than in America. There are several factors that differentiate in education between Oman and America. Tuition in Oman is different than in America. First, charges of tuition in Oman are depending on the person who gets charged. The time when did he pay. For example, the person who always pays the tuition on time. He gets a special discount because of his constancy, but the discount just 5%. Unlike the person who gets late on payment time. They charge him just a small amount of money, but if he has persuasive reason. They forgive him once. Next, tuitions payment in Oman is cash. For instance, the Omanis people don’t does not trust in online payments. They think that they can get hacked. Finally, the tuition payment quantity in Oman is low because the half of it, the government pay for it. For instance, the help which comes from the government is to create an educated people and to reduce the pressure on them. On the other hand, in America. The charges of the tuition are required for the student to pay them on time otherwise the student will face some problems. For example, the late fee payment will…

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