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Finland Worldwide education of our children is very important to all. Looking at the country of Finland in comparison with the process used in the United States we can get a better idea of approaches taken by their country which has catapulted them from one of the lower ranked educational countries to the top of the list. The school systems of Finland and the United States vary in many ways. It it is no secret that the United States academics fall well behind internationally when compared not only to that of Finland but most other countries as well. Interestingly however, the US schooling system is often used when conducting studies regarding changes to current educational processes in other countries. For years Finland was considered …show more content…
The applicants have slightly higher than average grades in their upper secondary education and above average scores on the matriculation examinations. Besides the grades the personality, moral purpose and interpersonal skills of each applicant is considered. A career choice of teaching places candidates in a very competitive area. The teachers of Finland are required to hold a Masters degree in education for primary teaching or a Masters degree in the subjects they are going to teach in secondary levels rather than completing a certification test like those required in the United States. This competitive career area as of 2012 in Finland boasts teaching careers which lasts approximately 40 years, while the average time in the teaching career is currently about 16 years …show more content…
However, while Finland’s parliament makes all decisions regarding general principles and funding, in the US it is up to each state to make these same decisions. With the different states making the decisions for students it can vary greatly from state to state while in contrast Finland has on centralized goal and all main areas are run in the same manner across the board. (Siurua, 2002).
Both school systems have similar support for special needs students, providing special needs education resource teachers within the classroom when appropriate and then if the student needs more specialized services they are placed in a separate classroom within the school. In addition to the help within the school and classroom there are centers set up to help care for and work with those with disabilities in specialized schools (Finding Similarities, 2014).
The physical classrooms in Finland and the United States are set up in generally the same way (Finding Similarities, 2014). And as with most primary classrooms the students stay within one room for the entire day of

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