Essay about Education And Training Centers For Low- Income Job Seekers

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The purpose of this memo is to introduce my chosen final proposal research paper. This proposal will address the lack of education and training centers for low- income job seekers in Baltimore County, along with the proposed solution to the specific decision makers. This memo will also demonstrate how this solution can contribute to the overall quality of life for the underprivileged. Lastly, specific references that will be included to verify my research.
Actual Problem
Although access to education seems to be everywhere in the United States, access to job related training programs in low-income communities seems to not offer many programs. Underprivileged communities continue to be without job related training centers or because of income disparities denied equal access to workplace education training programs. Therefore many individuals cannot get jobs that pay enough to lift them out of poverty and as a result lack the specialized occupational skills sought after by employers. In 2013, a full 46 percent of Baltimore County’s adults between ages 16 and 64 were either unemployed or out of the labor force altogether. By the same token, the unemployment rate was 11.4 percent among people twenty-five and older without job related skills, compared to 5.4 percent among those with job related skills. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics)
Maryland has 21,000 unemployed residents searching for work. Maryland employers have 70,000 openings they’re trying to fill. The unemployment…

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