Essay on Education And Its Impact On Education

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Education is vital any society in this industrial driven economy. Education has contributed to its own nation’s growth, progress and its survivability and sustainability throughout their respective histories. In recent times, the world has seen the industrial super power grow to what they are now. The world is technologically driven now. Countries like China and the United States and along with many other advance countries are locked in a competitive race whether it militarily or educationally. Both countries has many differences when comes to their own education system but progressive big nations like them has one big thing common, they put great emphasis on their education system. No system is perfect. Many things contributes to the differences and similarities each nation contributes to their education systems. Economy, philosophies, politics, etc. all may have play a role on how education system has been shaped throughout hundreds of years to what we see today, but the attitude about education starts from its own cultural perspective and parents at home. We can take a perfect example and lessons from the two economic powerhouse like Untied States and China’s education system and examine what are the differences, similarities and the recent attitudes towards education.

It is ever growing competitive world of job market out there. If we had to begin looking at the differences, we should start at home first. In a Chinese nuclear family, parents plays huge…

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