Education : A Whole New World Essay

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A Whole New World There’s an estimate of seven million students in public schools with disabilities in the United States (US Department of Education). The number of students in special education programs has risen, “30% in the past decade.” With the disabled student population growing, teachers have found it ineffective to use textbooks and traditional teaching methods like lectures and worksheets. Now with inexpensive modern technology devices such as tablets and catered software, we now have to ability to open doors for these children and setting them onto a path to success. Technology in special education is a brilliant concept that should be put into action in every school in the United States because of academic, and future improvements. To begin, the specific modern technologies that have been adapted in these special education classrooms all over the US, are tablets and computer software or programs that are geared toward one 's specific disability. These disabilities include: autism, hearing and visual impairments, developmental delay, emotional disturbance, orthopedic impairment and intellectually. The iPad offers thousands of applications to help with speech, math, literacy, and fine motor skills. According to Nirvi Shah, who wrote “Special Ed. Pupils Find Learning Tool In iPad Applications” mentioned that, “For children with poor fine-motor skills, the touch-screen design is easier to use than a desktop computer with a mouse or a laptop with a touchpad. The…

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