Educating Students On Stem Concepts Of Agriculture Essays

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Just as many young children fantasize about, I went through a variety of answers to the question of “what do you want to be when you grow up,” from a firefighter to deep sea diving to an astronaut, until I began to develop my true passion for agriculture. Being a student in an agricultural education class at my middle school many years ago began to open my eyes to the vast agriculture industry. Although not necessarily a bad thing, many of these programs today are focused on educating students on STEM concepts in agriculture. Very few are seen solely as “farming education” programs today, so I consider myself lucky to have had an instructor who was a retired production farmer from the Midwest who taught me real agriculture along with the scientific concepts that make it work who captivated my interest in agriculture. He told us how it was, with lines such as, “this is a hog, this is what pork chops come from, it needs to be fed and have its pen cleaned,” “it doesn’t matter what you want to do or how gross this is, this [agriculture] is where your food comes from,” and “these are caladiums, they need to be planted in the soil, it’s pretty self-explanatory and I expect it to be done by the time class is over,” that gave me a respect for the industry in middle and high school. An industry that feeds us is an industry worth caring about, today, there are more jobs than many of us could ever dream of in the agriculture industry. Which, in my state, is the second largest…

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