Edgar Allan Poe 's Life Essay

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Edgar Allan Poe always had a difficult life, starting when he was a child. When Poe’s mom died Mr. and Mrs. Allan adopted Poe when he was two years old. Poe was able to grow up in good surroundings and go to good school because Mr. John Allan was a successful merchant. However, Poe soon started to become broke leading him to join the army. Poe had a very difficult time getting his short stories and poems published. Although he had several jobs as an editor, those jobs did not last long. Poe died on October 3, but no one really knows what happened to him. Although Poe is a well-known author, it wasn’t an easy literary success for him. However, the hardships did not stop him from achieving his dreams. Edgar Allan Poe was born on January 19, 1809 in Boston, Massachusetts. Poe’s parents, David and Elizabeth Poe, had three children. The marriage between David and Elizabeth did not last long; when Poe was young, she took her three kids, and left David Poe. Unfortunately, Elizabeth Poe died when Poe was only two years old. Poe was then adopted by Mr. and Mrs. John Allan and Rosalie. Edgar Allan Poe grew up in good surroundings, and had the opportunity to go to good schools. When Poe was six years old, he went to a school in England. While he was in England, he learned Latin, French, math, and history. Poe didn’t plan to stay and study in America; when he was seventeen, he went to University of Virginia to continue his studies. However, Poe did not last long in the university.…

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