What Is Edgar Allan Poe's Life

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Edgar Allan Poe was born January 19, 1809 in Boston Massachusetts. In his early years his biological father left early on and his biological mom passed away when he was only three years old. He has a younger sister and an older brother which after his mom’s death they all we’re separated. Poe went to live with a wealthy family named the Allan’s. John Allan worked as a Scottish merchant in Richmond, Virginia Allan worked with different goods, including wheat, cloth, tombstones, tobacco, and slaves. They never legally adopted Poe but they gave him his new name Edgar Allan Poe. The family soon sailed to Britain where Poe attended a grammar school for a short period of time in Irvine, Scotland. Poe got engaged to a lady by …show more content…
He has written short stories, poems and even quotes over his life span. People know Poe as writing fiction tales of mystery and horror stories. Attending a grammar school when Poe was younger gave him the power to be great at wring his own literature and even critiquing other people writings. He has had many job opportunities come from his great ability to write and produce stories for newspapers etc. In many of Edgar’s poems he often writes about sad heartbroken characters missing a loved one which relates to his own loss of his past lovers. In losing different family members, you will notice in mostly all short stories they are all cold and dark themed. Poe had to make something of himself so he often traveled to find job opportunities to make money. He often sold his short stories to magazines to make extra cash. All throughout Poe’s life he has always kept writing no matter his situation, it was his true gift and passion. Even when he wasn’t writing his own work, he was reading and editing other author’s literature. Even in his gambling and alcohol addiction stage, Poe could always run back to his passion writing literature. He will always be remembered as a major figure in American

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