Edgar Allan Poe : Addictions Expressed Through His Characters

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Edgar Allan Poe: Addictions Expressed through His Characters Drug and alcohol addiction has been a prevalent problem in human society for hundreds of years. Once the addiction begins, people become obsessed and focused on the feelings produced through the drug, whether it is a stimulant, hallucinogen, or depressant like alcohol. Knowing how certain people will reaction and their chance of getting addicted is unpredictable, but certain life styles and influences may increase their chances of beginning to use drugs. As stated by Psychology Today, “It is possible that some people are more prone to addiction because they obtain less pleasure through natural routes, such as from work, friendships and romantic relationships” (Barber). This implies that those with more difficult lives are more likely to become addicted to or turn to drugs for a sense of relief. The protagonists in Edgar Allan Poe 's stories attempt to find solace from their distressed psychological state through unhealthy and addictive obsessions, just as Poe tried to find solace through his addiction to alcohol. The definition and treatment of insanity has been edited and changed many times throughout human history. Treatment of those who suffer from psychological disorders has increased exponentially since Poe’s time. During Poe’s lifetime, people did not know how to treat mental illnesses other than isolation, and a psychological diagnosis was uncommon and not very thorough. In modern times, mental health…

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