Ecuador Is Located Between Peru And Colombia Essay

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Ecuador is located between Peru and Colombia. But besides the fact, Ecuador has many historical landmarks as well as natural landmarks. Ecuador has many volcanoes, but there is one volcano who has two high peaks which are visible from the city of Quito and which are popular for hiking. The Pinchincha is an active stratovolcano, whose capital Quito wraps around its eastern slopes. The highest peaks of the volcano are Wawa Pichincha and Ruku Pinchicha. The active caldera is in Wawa Pichincha which is on the western side. In 1999 the volcano erupted and covered the city with inches of ash. There has been two other major eruptions the first one was in 1553 and the second one was in 1660. On May 24, 1822, General Sucre defeated the Spanish colonial army on the south-east slopes of the volcano. This act was known as the Battle of Pichincha which secured the independence of the territories of present-day Ecuador. There have have 24 eruptions total including the major eruptions. The 3 major eruptions are known as Plinian eruptions or otherwise known as Vesuvian Eruptions, which are volcanic eruptions marked by their similarity to the Eruption of Mt. Vesuvius.

The Colombian, Venezuelan, and the Ecuadorian flags are very similar to each other. Because upon their independence in 1822, they formed a confederation called The Gran Colombia. They separated in 1830 but retained the same flag design.The current flag of Ecuador was adopted on September 26, 1860. The Flag of Ecuador…

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