Essay on Economic Review Of The Samsung Galaxy S. Samsung Electronics

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Economic Review of the Samsung Galaxy S
Samsung Electronics
Founded in 1938 in Korea, Samsung got its start in the trading industry specializing in exporting groceries to China. (Samsung, 2015). Over the last 70 years the company has expanded and operated in a wide and diverse range of industries providing products and services for individual, commercial and government markets. Since entering the electronics industry in the 1960s, Samsung has become one of the top ten brands for manufacturing electronics and digital media in today’s global market.
Product Line
Among the individual U.S. consumer base, Samsung is probably best known for its electronic products and technology services ranging from small, wearable personal devices and cell phones, to tablets and personal computers, to televisions and other audio/visual equipment, to home appliances. The scope of this review is limited to Samsung’s leading smartphone product line in the U.S., the Samsung Galaxy S.
About the Samsung Galaxy S
The history of mobile phones spans more than 70 years during which the technology evolved from bulky walkie-talkie-style military equipment to today’s small, sleek handhelds. (Meyers, 2011). Mobile phones shifted from luxury devices that simply offered the convenience of making and receiving phone calls on the go, to essential pieces of consumer technology with the introduction of smartphones in the 1990s. Smartphones added computing power that enabled users to also easily access and…

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