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1.The critical activity in the process of Samsung’s transformation into a world-beating developer of new cell phone handset designs and other product line designs were to hire new designers. In order to make the Samsung’s brand stand out from the rest, the chairman decided to hire “young hip designers” from America to come up with fresh ideas, therefore bringing recognition of the Samsung brand. Samsung designers were sent to different places so they could get inspired, and bring that inspiration to the company’s products designs. Samsung had a different idea for design centers, they would get the “top-gun engineers and designers” to stay in a building with places to sleep and recreations. “No bureaucracy” will constrict
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According to the dynamic theory of competition there are three crucial competitive advantages a firm must have. Firstly, sellers who implement faster are more competitive. Samsung is growing faster every day; they are always implementing new ideas and every time in shorter periods. Moreover, They are not wasting their time and are instead working 24/7. In Seoul, South Korea, the case mentions: “The top-gun engineers and designers hunker down and solve the toughest product specification and design problems.” Samsung has provided a five-story building equipped with extracurricular activities. “Samsung cut average of product development time down from an average of 14 months to 5 months.” They are learning skills to make this change faster. Samsung has been in the top because “Samsung completely changes its product line every nine months.” This allows them to take the leads over all the brands because people want new products over the old ones. Secondly, sellers with superior market analysis skills that are listened to are more competitive. In the case it was mentioned several times how trained their employers were. They hire young designers who were up to change, up to risks and open-minded. All of them from Higher Education design Universities and others primary from the United States. They had a multicultural mix of 33-year-old designers. Samsung sent their employees to different places to get inspired and bring inspiration to the company. Samsung invested in their …show more content…
They decided to hire former IBM marketing agent Erick B. Kim. Mr. Kim made the decision to exit all existing contracts with their 55 advertising agencies and partnered with just one company, FCB World Wide; one of the largest marketing agencies in the world. One of their first projects to display their new image was to sponsor the 1996 Olympic games. Here, they displayed their high-tech image and emphasize more on their phones rather than their home appliances. Another way they made their phones known and promoted their new innovative and high-tech image was the development and production of the phone for the Warner Brother’s movie “The Matrix”. This opportunity gave their engineers and designers the opportunity to display their skills, designs and innovations to produce this phone. The movie had great success and gave a lot of recognition to Samsung’s phone. This helped Samsung drive their sales and revenue up.
5 The Samsung brand is recognized by many people; because of the “products innovation” and “their thinking out of the box”. The main competition for Samsung is Sony Corporation because Sony has a variety of products and has expanded most of the market. For example Sony has TVs, entertainment (games, movies, game consoles). Sony and Samsung are alike in many ways they sell similar products and they are the biggest competition in the

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