Coffee Trade Research Paper

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During the early 18th century, coffee plants were brought to America from Ethiopia. It wasn 't until after the Boston Tea Party that the actual coffee drink became popular when switching from tea to coffee. Coffee began to become apart of Americans daily schedule consuming an average of two cups of coffee per day for an average adult. Coffee house businesses around the world began to rise and would drag consumers in creating income and jobs. Coffee effects not only the business but also the health and performance of the consumer. Coffee has made a great impact on the world dealing with trade, creating public businesses, and affecting human health and the performance.
Coffee is the second most traded raw material in the world. Brazil is the
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“The commodity chain for coffee consists of producers, middlemen, exporters, importers, roasters, retailers, and consumers”(Paige,4). Some of the small farmers who produce coffee sell directly to the middlemen exporters who are also called coyotes. They usually take advantage of this trade and pay prices lower than the market prices. They keep a very high percentage of that making to themselves. The larger coffee producers usually export their coffee to the New York Coffee Exchange. The jobs of producing coffee are affected by the poor working conditions and low wages. Importers buy from large plantation owners which are the ones that buy directly from small farmers. “Roasters dont have the capital resources to obtain the coffee beans so they rely on the importers. The importers would hold large supplies of coffee and sell them through numerous small orders” (Paige, 4). Roasters rely on this type of service and influences the amount of coffee sold in the United States. Roasters usually have a blend of recipes to sell to retailers. They are an important part in the commodity chain, the retailers usually buy the coffee from the roasters but, they are starting to make their own beans for …show more content…
In the United States, some of the well known places to buy coffee are at Caribou Coffee, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and Dutch Bros. These businesses are found all over the United States creating jobs for many americans. There are also small business coffee shops that are usually run and handed down by family like Coffee Rush. Both teens and adults are allowed to work at coffee shops creating more job opportunities. Coffee shops aren’t the only places you can get coffee. Most super markets around the world sell coffee that people can take home and make themselves. With technology becoming more and more impressive, they have created coffee machines that can instantly create a cup of coffee at home.“Angelo Moriondo invented a prototype of a coffee machine in 1884. Luigi Bezzera then created the first known machine to force, by pressure, steam, and hot water through ground coffee”(espresso, 3). Now, there is a very popular coffee machine that many Americans hold in their own houses called a Keurig. There are different opinions on instant coffee makers at home. “One camp believes the single-serve revolution represents an overwhelming sea of change in how Americans will brew their coffee. Others believe that cup quality and taste are compromised. They view it more as a fad that may have already reached the limit of its popularity”(Montalvo,

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