Economic And Trade Analysis : The United Kingdom Essay

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Economic and Trade Analysis:
The United Kingdom for its small size has a large population; its population has over 66 million people. The UK (United Kingdom) is a well-developed international country, and it provides to the United States the second largest market for service exports. In 2014 the estimated GDP of the UK was $2.8 trillion, putting them at the sixth largest economy in the world.
“The United Kingdom remains the number one overseas market for travel to the United States with nearly 4 million UK travelers estimated to have visited the United States in 2014,” This statement assumes that a small portion of the British people has heard of or even taste Chick-fil-a; this creates name recognition for Chick-fil-a within in small portions of the United Kingdom’s population.
The promotion infrastructure of the UK is expected it to be similar to the US, however, printed promotions would be modified by the UK to account for differences in local, legal, cultural, and spelling.
Trade trends:
The UK has a well-developed distribution channel; as a result, it makes opening businesses in the United Kingdom easier to achieve. Exports of the UK’s goods and services have increased 99.8% while imports took an increase of 111.5%. The rate growth of foreign direct investment is also increasing; from 2013 to 2014 it increased 11% with a record number of 887 projects, more than any other European country.
According to, the UK has no significant trade or investment barriers…

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