Essay on Ebay Case Study

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Strategic Management
EBay Case Study

1. A). EBay’s greatest opportunities are: a. Long auction time-10 to 15days is too long for customers to wait b. Localizing their website all over the world c. Acquiring Skype and they have begun to integrate buyers and sellers d. Mobile phones, social media trends, will help them try to keep up with Amazon
B). EBay’s greatest threats are:
a. Constant Hacking and Fraud transaction b. Copyright problems-companies may sue for selling their contents c. Amazon is the main competitor, Google and Yahoo are not far behind d. Globally, will face local competition e. Phishing and scams that ask for EBay accounts 2. A). EBay’s greatest strengths are:
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5. A.
EBay can differentiate itself against their competitors by finding new ways to use technology. If EBay can stay ahead of the curve and excel above the rest, they can keep the top market share. Another way is that EBay could continue to have a variety of products for users to choose from. They currently differentiate themselves by using my. EBay and About me. This allows users to feel like they are in control.

An effective corporate strategy is essential when helping the company achieve its goals. Now that EBay is trying to move away from its core competencies and users, they must have a strategy in place that does not leave out the old ones, but instead one that builds upon that and furthers their progress. If they try to completely leave out the old strategy, they will lose a market that they have built up.
EBay must also continue to find new ways to take advantage of the growing internet. Another strategic move could be to have a site just for B2B. That way, the corporate sellers could conduct business without having the hassle of the other site. Finally, EBay should integrate shipping into their customer’s experience. This will allow EBay to possible gain a partnership with UPS or FEDEX and have more potential profit coming in.

Donahue has a huge challenge with Skype. This would be an amazing way for buyers and sellers to communicate; however, it also poses the threat of losing base with eBay all together. The numbers are

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