Eating For Pleasure By Wendell Berry Essays

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Wendell Berry (b. 1934), a farmer and environmental activist, explores in his essay “Eating for Pleasure” (1990) about the controversial issue of industrialized and processed foods that urban inhabitants consume on daily basis. The problem, he argues, is that because the food industry has unnaturally modified its produce, people no longer create a connection between food and it’s agricultural process, and therefore, people lose pleasure from consuming food. Eating with pleasure is essential because it allows an individual to appreciate his food, knowing that it was grown naturally and from the earth. In this paper, I summarize Berry’s main thoughts on the negative consequences of unhealthy food practices that urban society engages in and his solutions to develop knowledgeable, attentive and appreciate eater habits that will grant us the ability to eat for pleasure.
A major problem with industrial eaters, Berry says, is that they do not realize—or have not learned—that eating is an agricultural act. Writing about an eater’s thought process, he notes, “They think of food as an agricultural product, perhaps, but they do not think of themselves as participants in agriculture”. Even though they know that food is grown on farms, their thinking does not stretch beyond that. When concerning the food a person eats, he is oblivious as to where it originated from, whose hands produced it, what supplements went into its growth, and how it was cultivated. If an urban citizen is asked…

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