Eating Disorders Throughout Modern Society Essay

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Eating Disorders in Modern Society
“Just at the time that girls begin to construct identity, they are more likely to suffer losses in self-esteem” ("The Facts About Girls in Canada"). Women face many challenges in society, a number of which are concerned with one 's self-esteem and body image. Body image has a large impact on women, especially thought who are particularly sensitive about weight and thinness. Many people consider skinniness to be a mark of beauty, however, women who are not considered skinny often fall under the category of unattractive. Women who are not necessarily thin feel self-conscious because they do not fall into society’s typical archetype of a beautiful, thin woman, a stereotype that is based on media and pop culture. Because society finds them unappealing, women themselves begin to develop a mentality that this is true, this is where an eating disorder begins to manifest itself. For the sake of being thin, a woman with this mentality that was caused by societal pressures and media influences may take to actions which allow them to achieve their ideal thinness, like an eating disorder, however, these actions could possibly be unhealthy and harmful to the woman’s body. Eating disorders cause a detrimental impact on those effected, however, they have become a wide spread phenomenon in modern society, especially among females because of an exaggerated focus on body image.
Media has shaped a society in which an eating disorder can easily be developed…

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