Essay on Eating By Wendell Berry 's The Pleasure Of Eating

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Wendell Berry is centered on the topic of eating throughout the whole passage. The title itself reveals clearly that it is going to talk about the pleasure eaters could get out of eating. Eating is one of the most common things human beings do every day, but it seems that few people would seriously study the art of eating. Wendell Berry’s The Pleasure of Eating is such a passage focused on the simple action of eating and a series of things involved correspondingly. It aims to draw the public’s attention towards “eating” and have a refreshed knowledge of it. Therefore, the main claim is demonstrating how much pleasure people could obtain from eating by taking it seriously, rather than considering it a casual thing of everyday life of Eaters are recommended to be more responsible for what they eat for each meal, and they should care more about whether the food they take are good or bad for their heath
Moreover, they should consider themselves a part of the food industry, not just being consumers mechanically buying foods from merchants. Instead, they ought to hold a more serious attitude towards the origin and processing procedure of the foods. Lastly, people should view eating something that worth attentive care, as all components related with food are animate. Therefore, Wendell Berry’s major argument is to consider eating a pleasant thing, and acquire more pleasure out of eating with more appropriate eating habits.
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