Eassy Essay: Love Is A Beautiful Thing

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Love IS A Beautiful Thing I met a boy named Steven Grinston in the first grade; it wasn’t until the second grade that I really taken a liking to him. Steven and I became classmates in the third grade and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him. I went through my whole entire elementary grade having a crush on him which he pretended to not have mutual feelings for me during that time. During some point while still in elementary school, I told him that he would be my husband and the father of my children and he told me that he wouldn’t but I said that he would see. My family moved away and I was so sad because I didn’t want to leave my school where Steven was still attending. A year or so later my family moved back to our old neighborhood and …show more content…
I was so elated because after summer break, school resumed and it was a joy to see that Steven was still attending school there.

When I got to middle school, Steven started taking a liking to me and he would carry my books and walk me home after school. Surprisingly I had loss some interest in him by the time we got to middle school but he would not let me forget how much I liked him in elementary school because he would remind me daily and by him being such a gentlemen, carrying my books and making sure that I made it home safely from school, made it easier for my feelings and interest in him return. No, we were not dating at this time but more like really good friends. Time went on and we just fell into a daily routine. One day, after not seeing Steven for about a week or so, I learned that his family had moved away and I was
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His Mom and I went shopping together and everywhere else and I loved every minute of it. One day she wanted to know what was it that Steven and I had going on and I told her we were just good friends and she told me that out of all of her sons which are six; he was the best one out of the bunch and the most respectful and I should be with him because he would treat me like a queen. I guess you can say that Steven and I started dating a couple of weeks later but he never asked me to be his girlfriend and I never asked him to be my boyfriend, we just let it happen. We dated for about a year or so before I became pregnant with our oldest daughter, Stephanie. Five years later Steven joined the Marine Corps and we were married a year later. We lived in California for two years and Steven end up being stationed in Japan and Stephanie and I moved back to our hometown until his year was up. We finished our family with three boys and another daughter. Life with my husband has been great because the good outweigh the bad. As his Mom told me all those years ago, he does treat me like a queen. He supports me in going back to school to further my education and to work in the medical field to help others. We are just as much in love now with each other or maybe even more than before. Now a days, marriages aren’t being taken serious because there are so many short term marriages opposed to long term. I’m so glad that

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