Early Christianity And Islamic Culture Essay

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Tradition is what all of civilization leans on for many reasons. Early Christianity and Islamic Culture are both traditions, which were improved upon. They both looked to a higher God. That is the first thing I knew about Islam and Christianity, when discussed. Their religion was the foundation of their entire culture. Their Gods did contrast considering the Islamic god was Allah, and the Christian’s God was the holy spirit, but they both built their foundation on a higher being. In the medieval ages the culture was roman Christianity. In Arabian Nights: 1001 Nights the story was based upon Islamic culture. All of these things were very important and made me learn about the different cultures. I was able to pour myself into these cultures because of their religion.
Early Christianity emerged out of three cultural traditions. It was the belief that Jesus of Nazareth was the expected Messiah, and that He would come again to make his judgment. Another aspect of Christianity was that it was grounded in Judaism. They both believed in a God who is eternal and infinite, and have strong knowledge in the belief of their word. Christianity also was very similar to Mithraism, which means their god is a hero. The Christian followers were very devout to their religion, which I noticed. They built many churches, not for themselves, but for their God. They looked to their God for everything. He was their hero, which was why Mithraism was so similar to Christianity, as the…

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