Early Childhood Education Degrees Are Important Essays

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Early Childhood Education degrees are important. They help us find a job that teachers are qualified for. Each degree and job can help teachers prepare our children to be prepared for school. According to a recent IdahoKIDS count report, 44 percent of children are not academically prepared for kindergarten and 37 percent are not academically prepared for first grade (Oppenheimer). This was hard because if parents want their children to be successful then they need to prepare them for tomorrow. We can prepare them by staying home with them and teaching them on our own or by putting them in classes when they are young. The argument is deciding how can parents change their children’s lives starting at birth. Shonkoff and Phillips stated that “Success in a modern economy starts at birth, not at the school doors.” I liked that because it helped us see that parents need to help their children be prepared. Parents can’t just assume the schools are going to prepare them because parents are the ones who help their children be prepared for the future. Children will not be prepared if parents don’t start teaching them by reading to them, talking to them, and singing songs with them. These little things will help their children to be prepared for school. The argument is what to do with children if their parents can’t teach them themselves. Teachers go to college to prepare themselves so that they are prepared to teach children. According to the article Idaho Preschool Teacher…

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