To Kill A Mockingbird Essays: The Rank Of Lone Eagle Scout

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The rank of Lone Eagle is similar to the Boy Scout rank of Eagle Scout, but with a specific focus on character and leadership. I was considered for the award after completing the qualifications for mastery of Survival, Archery, Swimming, Tripping (Orienteering), Canoeing, and Campcraft. After extensive interviews regarding my leadership at camp and the way I served my campers and fellow staff, I was inducted into the Lone Eagle Fellowship, which is committed to praying for and serving the mission of Deerfoot to build Godly young men in a wilderness setting. I am one of the 115 Lone Eagles recognized in the camp’s 85 year history.

Showed willingness to try new things by joining the team with no prior rugby experience.
Competed in the
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Took students to Lake Champion summer camp, and led them through a program designed to build a community and facilitate individual growth.
Moved into the Seneca Valley School District during senior year to more effectively pour into the community.

Received the C. Michael Steadman Scholarship for Community Service, which is dedicated in memory of U.S. Army veteran Charles Michael Steadma. I was interviewed and awarded after communicating with Mr. Chris Steadman about my service to the community through Red Cross, Young Life, and our school Bible Club. The scholarship is awarded to one high school student with a record of service who is aspiring to attend medical school in order to continue that service to the community. I was awarded $500 per year towards my tuition for a total of $2500.

Maintained the safety of the patrons in and around the pool with patience and diligence.
Worked three 6am shifts a week to earn money for books and other school materials.
Became certified in CPR and AED use to further student

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