E-Security Review Essay

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Submission from Microsoft Australia Introduction
Microsoft Australia welcomes the opportunity to participate through this Submission in the Whole-of Government Review of E-Security. A periodic review of the E-Security framework, in light of the quickly evolving threat landscape, is both timely and appropriate. Over the last thirty years there have been dramatic advances in information technology - the development of the microprocessor, the rise of the personal computer, the emergence of the Internet - which have revolutionised the way information is created, stored, shared, and used. Today, powerful, affordable and diverse devices, together with expanding broadband networks, create a powerful opportunity for
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This submission examines the questions raised in this E-Security Review under seven headings: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. A Framework for Evaluating the Efficacy of the E-Security Environment; The Changing Threat Landscape: The Pursuit of Fortune vs. Fame; Developing a National Security Strategy; Deterring Cybercrime: The Current Australian E-Security Policy Framework and Proposed Changes; Improving Critical Infrastructure Protection and Creating National Incident Management Capabilities; Industry and Government Collaboration: Partnering with the Australian Government for Protection; and 7. Promoting a National Culture of Cybersecurity: Outreach and Awareness. At the end of each section, where appropriate, a series of recommendations have been included. Microsoft makes these recommendations on the basis of both the environment we perceive in Australia and the opportunities we consider flow from that environment when considered in the context of our international experience of Cybercrime and best practice in the E-Security Environment.


A Framework for Evaluating the Efficacy of the E-Security Environment
The International Telecommunications Union (ITU)’s Study Group Q.22/1 has published a draft report on, “Best Practices for a National Approach to Cybersecurity: A Management

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