E Learning Is Defined As Learning, Training Or Education Program By Electronic Means

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E-learning is defined as learning, training or education program by electronic means (Stockley 2003). The massive improvements in communication and transportation since the advent of technology have led not only schools but many corporations or institutions to employ the methods of e-learning. Technology advances have made learning readily available and accessible from anywhere around the globe. A free online artificial intelligence course offered by two professors, world’s best-known artificial intelligence experts, at Stanford University has attracted 130,000 students, a class nearly 9 times the size of Stanford’s entire student body, from across the globe (Markoff, 2011). Two professors have been inspired by the Khan Academy, run by an M.I.T. educated electrical engineer, providing video tutorials to students around the world on a variety of subjects via YouTube. Indeed, knowledge has become readily available. The availability of open courseware, access to powerful instruments and simulation models, and scholarly websites as well as niche communities based around specific areas of interest in virtually every field pose a greater potential for e-learning to be examined for more effective learning tools or styles to help enhance learners’ motivation in order to improve their knowledge.
As many colleges and institutions launch online programs to be used for educational and training purposes, it is imperative to note that without proper motivation that ensues,…

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