E Commerce : An Efficient Mechanism For Advertising And Distributing Product Information

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E-commerce is the trading in products or service using computer networks such as the internet or online social networks. Various sites use this such as Amazon, EBay, Tesco and Asda it is normally the distribution of online goods and services to people. E commerce works when you have something to sell, make it known to potential buyers, accept payments then you deliver the goods or services, and provide appropriate service after the sale. This is an efficient mechanism for advertising and distributing product information. This enables complete business transactions. E- Commerce is basically buying and selling goods on the internet.
Hardware and Software
There are a number of technologies required for an e-Commerce system. For a company to run it successfully it is important for the technical staff to be up to date with the system to work. A web server is a hardware device that is used to host an ecommerce website. All files, databases and image files make up the entire content of the website and are stored on a server.
Also for an ecommerce system you need a network card that is inserted into your computer so the computer can be connected to the internet. Furthermore, an Ethernet cable can be used to connect to the internet to a router. Ethernet cables can only extend to a limited distance. WI-FI can be used as an alternative. This is the sort of equipment that UK time will need to operate an ecommerce system to trade online. The software’s used in an ecommerce varies…

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