Dxler/Sibbet Team Performance Model

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Team Performance Model - Shae Bedford

Describe the model
The Drexler/Sibbet Team Performance™ Model is a graphic chart that educates and explains how leader-type individuals create well-balanced and high-performing teams. Created by Alan Drexler, PhD and David Sibbet, PhD, the Team Performance™ Model was built after 10 years of hard work and research to produce a comprehensive model of team performance. The model illustrates the “various predictable stages involved in creating and sustaining high-performance teams”. There are in total seven stages to the graphic, all of which are specifically centered around team building. Four stages of the chart illustrate the creation of the team, and the remaining three stages describe various levels of team performance. Due to the creators extensive studies on the formation and maintainability of high-functioning groups, their chart provides readers with the opportunity to improve their own team performance. The model incorporates all different types of groups, as well as provides information that can deliver “bottom-line business results”.

Provide chart/diagram
Image originally taken from: (Drexler & Sibbet)

Apply the model. Explain what is happening in the company

1st Stage
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The main question it asks is why am I here? The bulk of this stage mostly takes place in the imaginations of each team member. In this part, a person evaluates where they see their team in the future, and the place they take within it. Getting a sense of purpose, knowing your place within a team, and receiving the feeling of inclusion are all stating hurdles for the path to successful team cooperation. When this stage is correctly executed, it establishes and strengthens these feelings for each team member, readying them for the next stage. However, if the first stage is carried out poorly, it can create uncertainty and fear in a group, which can strongly halt their

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