Group Decision Making Process

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Democracy in decision making may seem like a type of group decision making. The involvement of different people offering different advices that will contribute in one way or the other in coming up with the final decision. The difference in virtues and beliefs greatly contribute towards the nature of the final decision that will come out as a result. These may include the demographics, the age, and size of the group determine quality of the decisions. As a result of the different views, the group needs to come up with a criterion that they will use in integrating all the ideas and coming up with one decision that will be final.
Normally, businesses operate based on the decisions made by the management of the company. This may comprise single
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First, there must be the Strategy of engagement. It involves the creation and definition of vision and mission statements of the company. The second stage involves the mapping of the stakeholders. The leading authority must come up with way in which it will determine the roles and scope of each of the shareholders (Koller, 2005). Additionally, the will be a definition on the level of engagement that each member will have. The third is the preparation stage. It is at this stage that there will be the definition of the short term and long term goals that relate to the financial, social, and environmental factors that affect the company. Fourth is the actual engagement of the members. Must ensure all views are represented, there is ultimate unity and final decision made. Finally, there will be feedback from all members and determination of how to follow-up on the aftermath. There will be the formation of a team that will go through a list of parameters including profit growth, environmental impact assessments, and societal perception of the business (Hemmati,

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