Dualism And Logical Behaviorism Theory Essay

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Dualism and Logical Behaviorism
Each and every day, people connect with the world through various mental and physical involvements. Physical experiences are bodily actions, which include breathing, consuming, drinking, sleeping, talking, and walking to name a few. Mental experiences are actions of the mind, which include numerous emotions, needing, determining, questioning, recalling and the list keeps going. For years, philosophers have debated the understanding of these feelings and experiences. For quite some time, Cartesian Dualism was a well-known justification for how thought is processed. Behaviorism was a popular methodological obligation among scholars from about the second decade of the twentieth century through its middle decade, at least until the initial stages of the cognitive science revolution.(8)
To fully accept the superiority of behaviorism over dualism, the concept of dualism must be understood. Cartesian Dualism is the idea of the French philosopher Rene Descartes, Cartesian being developed from Descartes’ name. (1) His theory was designed after Aristotle’s, which is that humans possess an entity called the soul, which is entirely independent of the body. The Dualist philosophies declare that the mind is completely separate from the body, and therefore is accountable for all conscious feelings, moods, understandings, and beliefs. The brain however is still considered to as much a part of the body as any other physical thing found within it. (2) These…

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