Dual Career Marriage Essay

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Barnett and Shen research the association of balancing at-work and at-home tasks with psychological distress in dual-career couples. The researchers have created a study using adults 18 to 65 to determine the level of distress due to house hold tasks and paid work. The study finds that women experience greater distress when trying to balance both tasks. Women with full time jobs have been found to also spend a high amount of time on house work, which links to greater amounts of stress. The evidence shows that jobs low in control but high in urgency are associated with distress which causes resentment with dual-earner couples. Wives become agitated when they spend more hours on paid work and household tasks and men in dual-career marriages have barely any psychological distress. This supports this students’ thesis because it explains how a dual-career relationship can become negative. (144) …show more content…
The researchers have found that partner support is crucial in being able to maintain a healthy partnership and well-being of both individuals. The study uses part-time MBA students from Northeast United States Universities in dual-earner relationships. Sixty couples are used and data is collected from both partners. Participants are asked how much they make a year, how many hours they work per week, and how much emotional support or advice their spouse give them. 95 survey packets were given out, only 65 were useable. The study finds that the partners who tend to work more and make more receive less emotional support from their spouse, thus causing their quality of life to decrease and more conflicts within their marriage. This supports the students’ thesis.

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