Social Changes In Arlie Hochschild's The Second Shift

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Social changes are happening drastically. Marriages are completely different these days with two job couples on the rise. In Arlie Hochschild’s book The Second Shift she focuses on two job couples that spend an “extra month” on house duties. The second shift pertains to the work that is done outside of their actual job. So, like taking care of the kids, cleaning house, cooking dinner, etcetera. Hochschild ran into a dilemma early on in her career as a professor. She had a working husband and they had just recently had a baby themselves. Battling between her career and home life she grew curious. Curious on how everyday people juggle these things. With the changes that had occurred by the 1980s many women had joined the workforce. That meant …show more content…
Each one of the couples in the book fall under one of the categories. The three she talks about are: traditional, transitional and egalitarian. All of which have a different meaning but kind of flow into one another. Traditional means that the man is willing to be the primary bread winner of the family and be the one to make all of the decisions. The wives role in this is staying home and caring for the children. She would not work out of the house, she would be the primary care giver or the family and basically wait on her husband hand in foot. In a different approach there is the egalitarian couples. Egalitarian basically stands to mean equal. That would me that the wife has her own career and the husband has his. Outside of the career everything was done equally. Maybe the wife cooks dinner, does the laundry, and cleans up, but the husband makes sure that the kids have done their homework, gives them a bath and takes care of the family pets. On the last approach there is the transitional couples. Transitional could basically live a little bit of both of the above categories. The husband has his career and does not mind if the wife has he career, but expects he to do all the wifely duties. This is the category I believe that most marriages are stuck in today and a majority of them through this

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