Drugs in Professional Sports Essay

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Darius Crane

Dr. Byron Stay

Mount Writing Seminar

March 6, 2012

Should There be Stricter Regulations for Drug Use In Professional Sports?

Major sports leagues have a serious problem, which are performance enhancing drugs. Performance enhancing drugs seem to find their way into just about any major sporting event or organization. Even though there are penalties for those caught using performance enhancing drugs, they still seem to be prevalent among some of the biggest names in sports competition.

A big reason for this is that the punishment given to those caught cheating does not have the punitive ramifications for possession or using a controlled substance that society expects. Even as advanced as the
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Consequently, the penalties for a positive drug test are minimal at best. According to “Major League Baseball’s Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program, the penalties for a positive test for performance enhancing drugs are:

1. First positive test result: a 50-game suspension; 2. Second positive test result: a 100-game suspension; and 3. Third positive test result: permanent suspension from Major League and Minor League Baseball; provided, however, that a Player so suspended may apply, no earlier than one year following the imposition of the suspension, to the Commissioner for discretionary reinstatement after a minimum period of two years.” (Major League Baseball Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program)

For the National Basketball Association (NBA) testing is random throughout the season, but it is unclear as far as the time line of the testing. However, the league will not test for drugs of abuse, marijuana, cocaine, etc. during the off-season, which is from July to September but will test for PED’s twice during this time. The penalties that the NBA imposes for violation of its anti-drug program are; 1. “For the first violation a ten game suspension and required to enter the Steroids, Performance-Enhancing Drug Program (SPED). 2. For the second violation twenty-five game suspension and, if the

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