Drug Prevention And The 21st Century : Why We Need Change & The Program That May Help

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Alexa Erickson wrote an article titled “Drug Prevention in the 21st Century: Why we need change & the program that may help.” She stated “Children aren’t receiving drug prevention messages, and 90% of the youth suffering from a drug problem don’t receive the help they need. Federal funding for these programs is largely overlooked, despite the fact that, in 2014, 47,055 people died from drug overdoses, which was 1.5 times greater than those killed in car crashes.” When looking back on her D.A.R.E program, she didn’t seem to remember much about it. These programs are supposed to instill the theory that drugs are bad and doing them will ruin your life, but research shows that the public antidrug programs like D.A.R.E are mostly ineffective. Erickson pointed out a new antidrug program tested in Europe, Australia, and Canada called “Preventure”, that might spark the reality that things aren’t working with the current prevention programs. The program was developed by Patricia Conrod, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Montreal, and is custom-built toward a child’s temperament, and how their temperament may put them at risk for drug use. This program recognizes that different personality traits form different avenues to addiction and takes into consideration that most teenagers don’t become addicted to drugs, and focuses on the minority who do. Early studies of Preventure show that personality testing can pinpoint 90% of at-risk children by identifying risky traits…

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