Essay on Drug Addicts And A Rehab Center

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In discussions of drug addicts, one controversial issue has been whether to send drug addicts to prison or rehab, many drug addicts are sent to jail rather than rehab. Due to how addicted they are to drugs, they believe that prison will help them, but in reality I think otherwise. I believe that drug addicts should be placed in a rehab center so that they can get the help that they need.
It is often said that rehab centers help drug addicts get clean, many people assume that it is better to lock drug addicts up. While they rarely admit as much society often takes for granted that success rates for drug addicts, who attend rehabs are much higher than the ones that go to prison. Chloe Booker states, "Putting an ice addict in jail won 't help them, yet we 're spending billions on the prison system”. In other words, Chloe’s point is that jail will not help these addict’s, that the only solution that will help them is rehab, and that money is just being wasted on prison systems, in that case it would be more beneficial to spend those billions of dollars in a rehab center.
Once Drug addicts are caught or involved with any type or some sort of drug, they are sent to prison instead of being sent to get the treatment done. What is prison willing to offer these drug addicts that rehab centers will not? In my opinion, treatment will do the job. It will help these addicts control and manage their addiction for the better, rather than being sent to prison where they might just be wasting…

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