Drug Addiction During The United States Essay

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Drug addiction in the United States not only destroys the lives of the user, but the lives of their family and friends as well. Kristina is a troubled drug addict mother with five children who do not even know who their mother is. Her addiction to meth causes her to become a teenage mother to her first born Hunter, and the young mother of five some short years to come. Her children are all put up for adoption as they are born, because Kristina cannot take care of them due to her drug addiction. The only child that is kept in the family is her first born Hunter, who is adopted by Kristina 's mother before he is a year old. Kristina’s addiction does not allow her to find the will to take care of her children or even be with the rest of her family and the “Monster” breaks it apart more every time Kristina’s induces more of it. Drug addiction greatly affects the relationship Kristina and her family have with one another. It causes Kristina to lose relationships with people and become a social outcast in her society and every society around it. Meth brings every child she has into a world they do not deserve to grow up in as new born babies. The reason this drug addiction is started in the first place is due to her father and the rest of her family and friends’ influence under meth and multiple other drugs in her life on a daily basis. The physical and mental effects of meth and the other drugs Kristina uses on a daily basis combine to create the person she says is controlled by…

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