Narrative Case Study: Alcohol Addiction

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Some individuals choose to keep their addiction hidden from their family members while others will burn whatever bridges are necessary to get their fix. Alcohol addiction affects between 8 and 16 million people in the United States, some are dependent while others are abusing it (Doweiko, 2015, p. 3). In providing 12-step programs, study groups and personal counseling, individuals are supported by local communities to live a healthier lifestyle beyond the addiction of alcohol. Alcohol can consume individuals on many different levels such as financially, emotionally, spiritually and family.
Narrative Case Study Section
IDENTIFYING INFORMATION Marge is a 41-year-old female, who is married to her husband, Ken. The couple has three
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Part of the addictive behaviors is that Marge would start drinking in the afternoon not realizing that she would then be drinking most of the day. Starting to drink in the afternoon was habit forming and she probably never realized that she was doing it since it was just a normal part of her day. While she was working at the school she would try to drink beforehand so that she could make it through the day. Unfortunately, that caught up with her and she ended up getting fired. The drinking cycle for Marge had begun when her and Ken had gotten married. At that time the drinking would occur during dinner time while having wine with her husband a couple of times during the week. Going forward, it would then progress to every day after the kids went to bed. Then the drinking also occurred in the morning before work, soon it was needed most of the time before one started going through withdrawals. Soon Marge’s whole life was spinning out of control because of the dependence of alcohol. Marge has been around alcoholics all her life being that her uncle and her father were alcoholics. Unfortunately, her father and uncle both had died from the …show more content…
Marge had talked about how if she did not drink she would get terribly sick and start feeling like her skin was crawling or she would start hallucinating. Hallucinations is believing that something exists, but there is nothing (Krucik, n.d., para. 1). Over the past six-months, Marge’s drinking has reached a whole new level. It has consumed not only her home life, but also financially, employment and friends and extended family. She is come to the point in her life where she cannot live without the alcohol, which is not a healthy way of living. Some of the negative consequences that Marge is experiencing from having an alcohol addiction is that her husband is pulling away from her emotionally since he does not know where to turn. Her children will not bring over any friends to the house as they are embarrassed for what their mother has become. Financially the family is struggling since Marge is not able to hold a job due to her addiction. Her close friends were worried about Marge’s safety and had nowhere else to turn, so the intervention was their last

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