My Aunt's Deviant Behavior

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My aunt through marriage, Maria, was involved in deviant behavior as a child, truancy, fighting and so on, which precluded a life of drug addiction and prostitution that is now starting to fade out of her life after thirty years. She has committed slew of crimes to support her self and her drug habit, beginning with prostitution and drug dealing and ending with larceny and identity theft. From what she’s told me the prostitution began in her late teens and early twenties and continued from there, the drug use was introduced at some point, with her drug of choice being heroin, but in later and more recent years she’s employed crack cocaine and pills. The prostitution and drug use lead to life of problems for her both legally and within the family …show more content…
She had only been with us a few days, a week at most, when my sister and I were questioned by our mother if we’d touched any of my mother bottles in the curio cabinet, which held an impressive liquor stash. My mother had glanced at it and noticed a few bottles appeared to be missing, she went to the back room where my aunt was staying and I was able to see empty liquor bottles, a mirror and spoon on the bed. I was very confused then, my aunt was immediately evicted and my mother cleaned the room and even got rid of the sheets. I now know about accidental poisoning children suffer from drug paraphernalia, and she was staying in the room that was right next to mine. She never stayed longer than a few nights in our home after that, and never in her own room. Knowing the potential danger that I could have suffered I have a better understanding of how her children feel, as they did suffer from the danger of having to rely on a drug addicted parent who did worse than simply leave the “tools of the trade” out in the …show more content…
She and her sisters were abused both physically and mentally by their mother who played favorites with her children and prioritized her youngest child, my stepfather, and his wants over the needs of her other children. As an adolescent she was diagnosed with a chemical imbalance which was the source her hectic emotional state and deviant behaviors she’d expressed. But after her diagnosis she never received the needed medications or doctors visits that would have allowed her to return to normalcy. The funds for such were instead appropriated by her mother for luxury items for my stepfather, she continued to do so even after my aunt had runaway from home as a teenager. She herself didn’t discover she even had a diagnosis, an actual reason for her erratic behavior and state of mind, until she was in her twenties. By then she had an extensive criminal record, a drug addiction from poly drug usage and had given birth to the first of her three children. Her mother has continued to have a negative effect on her and the rest of the family and has been the prominent motivator for her continued in attempts to escape from reality through drug

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