Drug Abuse Is A Worldwide Issue Essay

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Drug abuse is a worldwide issue that developing countries as well as developed countries face. According to, The Drug Abuse Working Network, drug abuse is defined as, “The nonmedical use of a substance for any of the following reasons: Psychic effects, dependence, or suicide attempt/ gesture.” Drug abuse come in many forms such as using prescription drugs in an inconsistent manner which is not accepted by medical practice, use of over the counter drugs in contradiction with the approved labelling or use of any other illicit substance (World Health, 2000).
Drug abuse generally starts off with acquisition and initiation of drug use, and with prolonged use vulnerable individuals become dependent on the drug, which is the addiction phase (Becker & Hu, 2008).
Overdose of Drugs has caused many deaths in Australia according to the data collected in 2009. There were 563 opioid induced deaths in people between ages of 15-54 years. However some of these deaths were accidental. 70 deaths were reported for the age group of over 55 year olds. Many experts in the field of Drugs and alcohol has suggested that in Australia the deaths due to intake of opioids are on the rise (Roxburgh & Burns, 2012). With Illicit drugs the most deaths were caused by heroin and other illegal opioids, deaths caused by Amphetamines such as Ice ranked the second (Li & Gunja, 2013).
Substance abuse has vast social economic costs, due to lost productivity, health care treatment , Operation of criminal…

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